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About Us

2017 Elected Offices

Chair Mark Laskovics
First Vice-Chair / Chair-Elect Judson Haynes III
Second Vice-Chair Donna Wiedemann
Secretary Mike Annis
Treasurer Sam Glover
Trustees Jackie Thomas (Term ends Dec 2019)
Kevin Ashley (Term ends Dec 2018)
Diana McGill (Term ends Dec 2017)
Auditors Celeste Morris (Term ends Dec 2019)
Tom Stringfield (Term ends Dec 2018)
Ruth Bailey (Term ends Dec 2017)
Councilors Susan Hershberger (Term ends Dec 2019)
Rick Mullins (Term ends Dec 2018)
Kathy Gibboney (Term ends Dec 2017)
Alternate Councilor Keith Walters (Term ends Dec 2019)
John Janusz (Term ends Dec 2018)
Dan McLoughlin (Term ends Dec 2017)


Committee Chairs and Discussion Group Leaders

Analytical Discussion Group Open
Awards Mike Weaver
Biochemistry Discussion Group Dan McLoughlin
Chemical Information Discussion Group Open
Colloids/Polymers Open
CINTACS Editor Adam Bange
Earth Day Donna Wiedemann
Education Grants Gloria Story
Educator Discussion Group Linda Ford
Elementary School Awards Jamie Heimkreiter
Government Relations Diane Schmidt
Long Range Planning Donna Wiedemann
Sponsorship Ed Hunter
Membership Gloria Story
Minority Affairs James Mack
National Chemistry Week Atiya Jordan-Brown
Hong Zhang
Jamie Heimkreiter
Nominating Committee Jackie Thomas
Oesper Award UC Dept of Chemistry Via Kim Carey
Oesper & Olympiad High School Awards Richard Bretz
Organic Chemistry Discussion Group Rick Mullins
Photographer Brian Lenihan
Project SEED Anna Gudmundsdottir
Public & Media Relations Beth Reno
Senior Chemists Open
Section Historian Open
Short Course/Continuing Education Open
Webmaster Michele Mangels
Women Chemists Megan Schmale
Younger Chemists Megan Schmale
DeVonna Gatlin
2017 Program Mark Laskovics



BYLAW II Section 1. The objects of the Section shall be those of the SOCIETY as stated in the Charter and Constitution of the SOCIETY. In particular, the objects shall be to encourage the advancement of chemistry in all its branches; to promote research in chemical science and industry; to improve the education, qualifications, and usefulness of chemists; and to educate the general public about the usefulness of chemistry in everyday life.

Current Bylaws Document (effective January 30, 2015)



An application for membership can be submitted through the American Chemical Society's website. When prompted, select "Cincinnati" as your local affliation.

National ACS Membership


Upcoming Events
Oct 22 - 28
National Chemistry Week @ Local Libraries
Oct 27 - 28
National Chemistry Week @ CMC
Fri, Nov 17
Oesper Symposium @ UC
Wed, Dec 6
Joint Meeting with NOBCChe @ Xavier U
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