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logo December Joint Meeting with NOBCChE

November 25, 2018 (Webmaster)

The December joint meeting with NOBCChE will be held on Wednesday, December 12, at Xavier University. The featured speaker for the evening will be Dr. Basil Naah from Wright State University.

Dr. Naah is an Instructor of Chemistry at Wright State University and his work focuses on teaching concepts in Chemistry to pre-service teachers. The focus of Dr. Naah's talk will be "Why I blog about core concepts in chemistry."

Pre-registration is required by noon on Tuesday, December 4. Click here for more information and to register.


logo 2018 Oesper Symposium

October 21, 2018 (Webmaster)

The University of Cincinnati Department of Chemistry and the Cincinnati Section of the American Chemical Society are pleased to announce the 2018 Oesper Award Winner, Dave Thirumalai, Collie-Welch Professor of Chemistry at the University of Texas at Austin and the chair of the department.

This year's Oesper Symposium and Awards Banquet will be held on Friday, November 9, at the UC's Tangeman University Center. Professor Thirumalai will speak at 4:30 PM. A poster session and reception will follow from 5:30 - 7 PM. The Award Banquet begins at 7 PM. The Oesper Award presentation will follow dinner with a talk given by George Lorimer, University of Maryland, Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus.

Pre-registration is required by Friday, November 2. Click here for more information and to register.


logo Section Elections to Begin Soon

October 21, 2018 (Webmaster)

Elections for 2019 Cincinnati Section officers will begin shortly. Electronic ballot information will be distributed via email to all eligible members of the Section on or before November 1.

You can view the slate of candidates and their biographies by visiting this sample ballot.

If you do not receive your electronic ballot information by November 1, please contact webmaster@acscincinnati.org.


logo Slate of Candidates for Upcoming Section Election

Oct 2, 2018 (Mark Laskovics)

The Nominating and Election Committee is pleased to announce the current slate of candidates for the Section’s elected positions.

  • First Vice-Chair / Chair Elect: John Glaser
  • Second Vice-Chair: Mike Annis
  • Secretary: Ruth Bailey
  • Treasurer: Sam Glover
  • Trustee (term to end Dec. 2021): Judson Haynes III
  • Auditor (term to end Dec. 2021): Kendra Denlinger and Shelly Hoffman
  • Councilor (term to end Dec. 2021): Rick Mullins
  • Alternate Councilor (term to end Dec. 2021): John Janusz and Lynn Hogue

The Committee thanks these members for their continued willingness to serve our Section. Nominations for these elected positions remain open until October 15th. If you have an interest in a leadership role in your Section, please contact Mark Laskovics via email at mark.laskovics@gmail.com.

2018 Nominating and Election Committee
  • F. Mark Laskovics
  • Jackie Thomas
  • Bruce Ault
  • Beth Reno
  • Rick Mullins


logo Register now for 15th Annual Family and Friends Picnic!

August 13, 2018 (Judson Haynes)

Updated Friday, Sept 7 -- Due to the rainy forecast for this Sunday, the picnic has been rescheduled for Sunday, Sept 16.

If you already registered and still wish to attend, no action is needed.

If you registered previously and now are unable to attend, please email mail@acscincinnati.org to cancel your existing registration and request a Paypal refund (if applicable).

New registration are also being accepted at this time for anyone who had not previously registered. Click here to register.

Any new registrations or cancellations should be made by Thursday, Sept 13.

Ask family and friends to join you as summer comes to an end and we start up a new school year. Re-connect with ACS friends and make new ones in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. At this event, we will have family friendly Chemistry Demos, a Bounce House, games, Corn Hole Tournament, and a Networking Fair!

Trying to figure out how to getting involved? Want to meeting other local students chemistry groups? Meet some industry members? Reconnect with retirees? At the Friends and Family Picnic we will have a Networking Fair with many local groups showcasing how to get involved and wanting to make some real connections. Want to sign up for a booth? Please contact coordinator Megan Schmale.

Click here for more information and to register for the picnic. The deadline for registration is Friday, Aug 31.


logo August Letter from the Chair

Aug 5, 2018 (Judson Haynes)

Click here to read August's letter from the Cincinnati Section Chair, Judson Haynes.


logo Call for Nominations -- Elected Positions in the Cincinnati Section of ACS

Aug 5, 2018 (Mark Laskovics)

Do you want to be healthier and live longer?

Do you want to build strong professional relationships?

Do you want to develop leadership skills to advance your career?

Do you want to be a positive benefit to our Society?

Do you need a new sense of purpose?

Now is your chance to address these personal needs by volunteering for a leadership position in a well-established, 125+ year-old Society. The Nominating & Election Committee is currently accepting nominations for the following elected positions within the section: First Vice-Chair Chair-Elect, Second Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, Alternate Councilor and Councilor. The deadline for nominations is 20 September 2018.

Nominations can be sent to: Mark.Laskovics@gmail.com.

Questions? Contact any member of the Nominating Committee about these opportunities.

2018 Nominating and Election Committee
  • F. Mark Laskovics – Phone: 513-247-0979, Cell: 513-470-1085
  • Jackie Thomas
  • Bruce Ault
  • Beth Reno
  • Rick Mullins


It's Time For Party Night!logo

May 7, 2018 (Webmaster)

The annual Section Party Night will be held Thursday, May 31, at Rhinegeist Brewery. Join us for an evening of tasty food and beverage selections as we gather one last time before summer arrives.

Registration will close on Tuesday, May 22, so get more info and register now.

Advanced registration is required and pre-payment online via Paypal is preferred (and saves you money!).


2018 Science/Chemistry Teachers of the Year

April 30, 2018 (Webmaster)

logo The Cincinnati Local Section of the American Chemical Society has selected Ken Revell of The Seven Hills Middle School (shown left accepting the award from awards committee member, Lynn Hogue) as its Middle School Science teacher of the year. Ken brings patience, enthusiasm, and energy to his classroom. He has a wonderful rapport with his students as well as a deep concern that all his students succeed in science. Ken uses a variety of approaches during his well-designed lessons that are experiential in nature and often project-based. (A “friendly” competition to build wind turbines is a culminating project for his students in May.)

Ken realizes that students learn in different ways, so each class gives students an opportunity to learn in different modalities. Lectures are kept to a minimum and students move frequently between activities he has set up in the classroom. After becoming concerned that all 8th graders took the same Physical Science course even though their ability in math was very different, he designed two courses that taught the same concepts of chemistry and physics but were tailored to the math ability of the students. Student success in science is paramount in all his classes.

Besides being an outstanding classroom teacher, Ken is a conscientious member of the school community. Besides curriculum development, he sponsors the Middle School Science Club and has support science learning at the elementary level by building a grow light system for the first-grade science classroom. Revamping and refurbishing the community garden was a special project. Ken worked mostly outside of school hours and provided a lot of the labor for the project. He also had his students design and construct learning stools so younger students can work safely in the community garden.

Bill Waskowitz, Head of the Seven Hills Middle School, said, “Ken is that rare Middle School teacher who knows that developing positive and appropriate relationships with students is what matters most. Because of his calm and supportive demeanor, Ken has been able to develop students who love “doing” science!

For 2018, the Cincinnati Local Section of the ACS has selected to extraordinary teachers to share the award. Each has demonstrated high-quality practices, devotion to their students, and dedication to their school and the community.

logo Paul Gansle of Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (shown right with Judson Haynes, Cincinnati Section chair) was on a path to promising career in Pharma but felt a passion to teach and a desire to make others love chemistry as much as he did and so his career path changed directions. Because of these traits, Paul has become an outstanding teacher who is diligent and hard working. He teaches honors and AP chemistry at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy. In 2016, he created an Organic Chemistry curriculum at the high school level that provides his students with what they need to succeed in a college level Organic Chemistry course. Paul has elevated the level of chemistry at his school and is a key person in moving the school forward.

Paul’s classroom and methods are very student centered. His lessons prepare his students for the critical thinking and problem solving that are necessary beyond the classroom and in the real world. His principal, Dean Nicholas, says “Paul is devoted to his students and always has a smile and a positive attitude. He is the unique teacher who can push and challenge students at every level of the curricula, yet one never hears a student complain about him or his class. Students know concretely that he is their champion and committed to their success. “

Making sure his students succeed is key to Paul’s success as a teacher. He was instrumental in bringing new technology to the school that is used by other faculty members and students alike. Through an app, students can text him when they have questions or problems they cannot solve. Paul gives up Saturdays and evenings to host problem solving sessions with his students in preparation for the AP exam. Additionally, he organizes visits to local industries, so his students can learn about careers in chemistry and build their network. Paul also keeps in touch with students that have graduated, often rendering advice on courses to take and career choices.

All these attributes are why Paul Gansle has been selected as one of the High School Chemistry Teacher of the Year.

logo Susan Savage of Indian Hill High School (shown left with Judson Haynes, Cincinnati Section chair) has been teaching chemistry for 24 years but has never lost her passion or enthusiasm for teaching or her students. Susan possesses all the characteristics of a great teacher. She has a deep knowledge and understanding of chemistry which she can communicate to her students in ways they can understand. Susan develops relationships with her students and shows that she truly cares about them. She understands how students learn and she knows how to motivate and engage all her students through innovative and diverse lessons. Susan has high expectations for all her students and is untiring in her efforts to help them find success.

Susan, a lifelong learner, has taken many professional development courses and has stood out as a teacher leader. She has developed many attention-getting lessons that she willing shares with her peers. Susan is also a mentor to other teachers and takes the time to collaborate with her peers to ensure their success and the success of students.

Susan is also a cross-country coach. The same traits that make her an excellent teacher has had a positive impact on her student athletes. She recognizes how athletics are important for developing and promoting school engagement.

Susan has a positive impact on students whether she is teaching AP chemistry or coaching student athletes. In the classroom or on the field, she brings out their best.

If Susan sounds too good to be true, the following is an email sent to her from a past student who is now in college. Please give it a read.

Dear Mrs. Savage:
Last week I received exciting news from my chemistry professor that I finished with the highest overall grade in his class of 250 students. I wanted to reach out to you to thank you for preparing me to be successful in college chemistry. I will admit that your class is quite difficult, but the content and methods that I learned in your class put me miles ahead of my collegiate classmates, many of whom also took AP Chem. You always expected the absolute best out of me, which forced me to truly learn and understand the material. So thank you for putting in so much effort every day to ensure that your students are well prepared for the academic and social challenges that face them as they go through college. If you ever have any doubt that if all your effort is worthwhile, I can assure you that you are changing lives everyday in the classroom, and helping to mold future scientists, engineers and doctors of this country. I cannot than you enough for the impact you have had on me, and I hope that your future students are able to get as much out of your class as I did.


Teacher and Student Award Night for 2018 logo

April 15, 2018 (Webmaster)

Join us Wednesday, April 25, as we celebrate our annual Teacher and Student Award night at Northern Kentucky University. In addition to recognizing student achievement in chemistry in the past year, we'll also present this year's outstanding educators of the year awards.

Online pre-registration is required and pre-payment via Paypal is greatly appreciated. The deadline for registration is Friday, April 20. For more information and to register, please click here.


logo P&G STEM Apprenticeship for Summer 2018

April 15, 2018 (Webmaster)

The Procter & Gamble STEM Apprentice Program offers high school seniors interested in studying Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math in college an opportunity to gain real experience in a technical laboratory job before you even step foot on a college campus. The application period ends May 4, 2018th. For more information and to apply, visit this link.


logo March Meeting

March 9, 2018 (Judson Haynes)

The March meeting at Miami University on Thursday, March 29, will honor the Cincinnati Section's Researcher and Chemist of the Year for 2018. This year's awardee for Researcher of the Year is Carrie Furnish (top right), Scientist at Procter & Gamble. Dr. Ann Hagerman (bottom right), Professor and Assistant Chair at Miami University's Department of Chemistry, will be awarded Chemist of the Year.

logo Dr Hagerman will also be the featured speaker for the evening, presenting “Plant Polyphenols: Structure-function diversity from the natural world”.

Online pre-registration is required and pre-payment via Paypal is greatly appreciated. The deadline for registration is Friday, March 23. For additional information and to register please click here.


logoFebruary Meeting

January 28, 2018 (Webmaster)

The February Meeting of the Cincinnati Section will be held Thursday, February 22, at Mount St Joseph University. The featured speaker for the evening is Dr. William R. Heineman. Dr. Heineman is a Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cincinnati. His talk will focus on "Electrochemical Sensors for Biomedical and Environmental Applications".

Online pre-registration is required and pre-payment via Paypal is greatly appreciated. The deadline for registration is Thursday, February 15. For additional information and to register please click here.


logoVolunteers Needed

January 28, 2018 (Jackie Thomas)

The Third Annual NOBCChE/UC Science Bowl and Science Fair has been scheduled for Saturday, April 21, 2018. The event will run from 8AM – 3PM at the University of Cincinnati. Organizers are currently looking for volunteers to help with the event.

For more information on how you can help and to sign up, email nobcchecincinnati@gmail.com, visit nobcchestemwkd.com, or click here.


logoCall for 2018 Teacher of the Year Nominations

January 28, 2018 (Mike Weaver)

We are looking to recognize outstanding teachers with our Excellence in Teaching Awards. These are teachers who create excitement in student learning and have inspired students in the classroom to careers in science-related fields. All levels - High School, Middle School and Primary School – are all eligible and each level will be awarded separately.

Nominating a teacher is easy! Just let us know who should be awarded and why – short email or call – and we will do the rest.

Please contact Mike Weaver or Lynn Hogue to nominate teachers or for more information.

Help us find candidates by forwarding this information to your friends and family!


logo Happy New Year from the Cincinnati Section Chair!

January 3, 2018 (Judson Haynes)

Happy New Year Cincinnati ACS Section Members! The year 2017 was landmark for the Cincinnati ACS Section! Under Chair Mark Laskovics’ leadership, the Cincinnati ACS Section delivered a productive year of programming. From Awards Night to the Oesper Meeting, many Professional Chemists and Chemists-in-training experienced chemical knowledge enrichment, professional development and genuine fellowship. Also, 2017 was highlighted by the October celebration of the section’s 125th Anniversary! continue reading


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