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Volume 33 (6)
February 1996

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CINTACS is published nine times a year (September through May) by the Cincinnati Section of the American Chemical Society in cooperation with the Oesper Collection in the History of Chemistry of the University of Cincinnati. All changes of address should be sent to Emel Yakali at Raymond Walters College, 9555 Plainfield Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236; 745-5686 or 745-5767 (FAX).

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The deadline for the next Newsletter (March 1996) is February 10, 1996. All materials should be sent to:

Dr. Edward Burton
Procter & Gamble,
P. O. Box 538707
Cincinnati, OH 45253.

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From the Chair

Even though February is upon us, our Section is still involved with our NCW activities. At the January 17 meeting held at the Phoenix, we recognized our Grade School Contest winners, their families and teachers. It was quite a moment for everyone listening to their scientific explanation of "Why does pepper get peppy?" The experiments they did involved an understanding of surface tension and surfactants. The proud winners and thir teachers are: Eleni Solomos, Whitaker Elementary, Mrs. Randolf; Latrisha Green, Mount Washington, Mrs. Reed; Kristen Mahon, Our Lady of Lourdes; Mrs. Brackmann; Christine Louie, Dulles Elementary, Mrs. Kroger; and Greg Mcguire, Van Buren Elementary, Mrs. Bennett.

Two action items from the last Board Meeting are the following: The Section has agreed to co-sponsor the International Conference on Phosphorous Chemistry which will be held in Cincinnati July 12-17, 1998; and to provide the funds necessary to allow our Section to participate in the ACS Kids in Chemistry Program .

Although the ICPC is not happening until 1998, an event of this magnitude requires many committees which will begin meeting this year. This international meeting will attract between 500-600 people from 25-30 countries, and will include chemists of most disciplines. Frank Ebitino of Procter & Gamble is Chair and is looking for input from our membership. This is an opportunity to work on an exciting and unique meeting occuring in our city. (See the article in January Cintacs.)

An opportunity for an in depth look at the ACS Kids in Chemistry Program will occur at the March 13 meeting at the Sheraton Springdale. Kathy Gibboney will have a Discussion Group preceeding the meeting (5:30 P.M.) which will explain to us the Program and it's impact on our Section. We are looking for volunteers from the membership to participate in this new program for our section.

This issue contains the notice for the February 8 meeting at Quantum Chemical featuring Jackie Barton as our after-dinner speaker, and the March 13 meeting at the Sheraton Springdale which honors the Section's Chemist and Research Associate of the year. Both meetings have several discussion groups covering a variety of topics, and the price is reasonable! I hope that you will be able to attend.


Deanna Ashing


Miami University
1996 Seminar Schedule

Feb 1 William Robinson, Purdue University
"Concepts of Atoms and Molecules: What Do Our Students Bring to General Chemistry?"
Feb 8 Robert Dunbar, Case Western Reserve
"Ion/Molecule Reactions in the FT/ICR Ion Trap:Molecular Recognition in the Vacuum"
Feb 15 Michael Morris, University of Michigan
"Raman Microspectroscopy in Imaging"
Mar 7 Chris Staiger, Purdue University
"The Dynamic Plant Cytoskeleton"
Mar 14 Ben Freiser, Purdue University
"Having a Ball with Buckyball, Met-Cars and FTMS"
Mar 28 Jack Blaxyk, Ohio University
"Molecular Mechanism of Anti-Microbial Peptides"
Apr 4 Peter Wipf, University of Pittsburgh
"Zircocenes in Organic Synthesis"
Apr 11 Susan Olesik, Ohio State University
"Use of Enhanced Fluidity Liquids in Critical Chromatography"
Apr 18 James Fishbein, Wake Forest University
"Reactive Intermediates in Notrosamine Carcinogenesis"
Apr 25 Slavi Sevov, University of Notre Dame
"Indium clusters in the Solid State: Synthesis, Structure, and Bonding"
May 2 Neville Pinto, University of Cincinnati
"Protein Separations: An Engineer's Perspeciive"


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Editor's Note: These addresses were reprinted from The Capital Chemist Washington Section Newsletter, Oct. 1995.


American Chemical Society
29th Central Regional Meeting

May 28-30, 1997
Midland, Michigan

Call for Symposium Organizers: The 1997 Central Regional Meeting of the ACS will be hosted by the Midland Section. Midland is the home and global corporate headquarters for two major chemical companies, The Cow Chemical Company and Dow Corning Corporation, and May 1997 marks the centennial anniversary of Dow Chemical. Although we have not designated a particular theme for the ACS meeting, the Program Committee intends to orient the program toward commercial chemical technologies and the basic research which supports and advances them. Planning for a variety of topical symposia is now underway. We would like to solicit ideas and volunteers to organize and lead them.

A symposium organizer is responsible for defining the topic, selecting and recruiting speakers and moderating the symposium at the meeting. We expect to be able to provide some financial assistance for travel expenses of a limited number of invited speakers, including those from outside the Central Region. However, a symposium organizer is also free to solicit financial aid from other sources, such as companies in the Region with a specific stake in the topic.

If you would be interested in organizing a symposium, please contact me as soon as possible. The number of available meeting rooms and session times is, of course, limited. Preference will be based on how well the proposed topic fits with our stated orientation for the program, and on early contact with me. While we will consider symposium proposals as long as session slot are available, I really need to hear from you by February 1, 1996 in order to take maximum advantage of some early publicity opportunities that have spring deadlines.


Dr. Tyler B. Thompson
Program Chairman
The Dow Chemical Company
Building 1801
Midland, MI 48674-1801

Voice: (517) 636-0330
FAX (517)636-1705



Community Conversations at Raymond Walters College

During the winter quarter Raymond Walters College will present a series of three Community Conversations related to science.

All Conversations will be held in room 119 Muntz Hall at 7:00 PM.

Last year the Conversations attracted a diverse group of community members, students and faculty numbering over 300. This year, because of the topics, we would like to extend an invitation to the science community to join us in Blue Ash, and contribute to the lively discussion that this series is sure to generate.

For more information, please call 745-5685.

Submitted by: Janice Denton
Raymond Walters College


International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry

Cincinnati was selected by the International Scientific Committee for the International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry as the site for its fourteenth meeting in 1998. Dr. Frank H. Ebetino, Procter and Gamble Pharmaceuticals, made the proposal to the committee and will take on the role of General Chairman of the meeting. The local section officially agreed to be the sponsor of this conference in its recent board meeting. This will be the first experience for the section in hosting an international conference and we should be able to capitalize on our experiences in organizing previous meetings such as the Central Regional ACS conference. The meeting will be held between July 12-17, 1998. The conference is typically attended by delegates from over 30 countries. The expected conference attendance is 500 to 600 and was last held in Jerusalem, Israel, July 1995.

The meeting will cover chemistry in a wide range of disciplines, making it an excellent fit for broad section participation. For example, posters and lecture sessions on Computational, Inorganic, Heterocyclic, Theoretical, Analytical, and Physical Chemical aspects of Phosphorus Chemistry were held. In addition, many symposia were organized to cover applications of phosphorus and sulfur containing compounds such as Biologically Active Bisphosphonates, Nucleotides, Phosphorus Related Abzymes, Phospholipids, Inositol Phosphates and Agrochemicals. A published proceedings consisting of brief manuscripts from the lectures and long abstracts from the posters is planned. The core organizers have a high interest in involving section members and the local universities as much as possible. Those involved to a significant degree will be recognized as members of the local or national organizing committees. If you are interested in becoming involved in organizing committees or would like more information on this conference, please contact Dr. Ebetino (Hal). Tele: 627-0030 (off.) 247-0320 (home) Fax: 627-1196, E-mail:

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