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February 1998

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CINTACS is published nine times a year (September through May) by the Cincinnati Section of the American Chemical Society in cooperation with the Oesper Collection in the History of Chemistry of the University of Cincinnati. All changes of address should be sent to Emel Yakali at Raymond Walters College, 9555 Plainfield Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236; 745-5686 or 745-5767 (FAX).

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The submission deadline for the next Newsletter (March 1998) is Friday, February 6, 1998. Deadline for the April 1998 issue is Monday, March 2, 1998.

Dr. Edward Burton
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Dianne Sod

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Wednesday, February 18

(Procter & Gamble, Health Care Research Center)
Chemist of the Year Award
Featured Speaker: Dr. Albert Bobst
Discussion Groups:
Wednesday, March 25
(Embassy Suites)
NCW Award Winners
Featured Speaker: Dr. R.G. Cooks, (Analytical Chemistry)
Discussion Groups:
Wednesday, April 29
(Northern Kentucky Univ.)
H.S. Teachers/Awards Night
Featured Speaker: Dr. John Miller (Science Literacy)


Cincinnati Chemist of the Year

Albert M. Bobst

Albert M. Bobst earned his Ph. D. at the University of Zurich. He completed two Postdoctoral fellowships at the Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique in Paris and at the University of California at Berkeley. He spent time as a Research Associate at Princeton University. Since the fall of 1969 Professor Bobst has been a member of Faculty of the Department of Chemistry at the Univeristy of Cincinnati. Dr. Bobst's research ivolves nucleic acid chemistry and the characterization of free radicals in biological systems by electron spin resonance spectroscopy (ESR).


Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Studies on Reactive Oxygen Species Involved in Post-Ischemic Reperfusion injury and on Spin-Labeled Nucleic Acids

There is increasing evidence that reactive oxygen species (ROS) contribute to post-ischemic reperfusion injury. We will present data that are consistent with the hypothesis that singlet oxygen is among ROS mediating post-ischemic injury.

Major progress has been made during recent years in the application of spin-labeled nucleic acids for analyzing local macromolecular conformations in DNA and in DNA-protein complexes by ESR. Some characteristic examples will be discussed.


From the Chair

Congratulations to Professor Albert M. Bobst of the University of Cincinnati for being named the 1998 Cincinnati Chemist of the Year. Professor Bobst will receive the award at this month's meeting where he will also give the after-dinner address. Also being honored is Jeannette Greeb, who will receive the Research Associate of the Year award.

We are pleased to be holding our meeting this month at The Procter and Gamble Health Care Research Center at Mason, Ohio. This is our first meeting at this site and we are grateful to the company for making it available to us. I hope you will join us in honoring our award recipients on February 18.

The nominations committee is now in the process of selecting candidates for section officers for 1998-99. Please submit suggestions or nominations to Karlyn Schnapp. Feel free to nominate yourself.

Bill Oliver
Department of Chemistry
Northern Kentucky University
Highland Heights, KY 41099




32nd Central Regional Meeting
Cincinnati, OH

In 2000, the Cincinnati Section will host the 32nd Central Regional Meeting. The last time the Section hosted the meeting was in 1992. The 1992 meeting was a enormous success with a total of 613 papers and posters and over 1500 official registrants. The success of the meeting was entirely attributable to the dedicated volunteer effort of over 100 of the Section's members.

The 32nd meeting offers the opportunity for the members of the Section to display their professional spirit once again. Volunteers are needed to serve as both chairs and members of the following committees:

Planning for the meeting must begin within the next few months making it critical to fill committee positions before the end of the calendar year. Anyone wishing to volunteer or with an interest in potentially chairing a technical session/symposium should contact Ray D'Alonzo, Meeting General Chair, by phone at 626-1977 or by email at as soon as possible.



Cincinnati, USA, July 12-17, 1998

Dear Colleague,

The Scientific Committees invite you to participate in the XIVth INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PHOSPHORUS CHEMISTRY to be held July 12-17, 1998 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. The Second Circular and Call for Papers is now available.

As in previous meetings, all aspects of phosphorus chemistry will be represented. However, our aim will be to give special emphasis to biomedical and industrial applications.



F. H. Ebetino,
Chairman (USA)

C. Degenhardt

C. McKenna, Program
Co-Chairman (USA)

H. Do

G. Bertrand (France)

R. Fayter

G. M. Blackburn (UK)

D. Francis

E. Breuer (Israel)

K. Gibboney

S. Evans (USA)

J. Hayes

M. Gallagher (Australia)

J. Hershberger

G. Haegele (Germany)

J. Knittel

A. I. Konovalov (Russia)

D. McLoughlin

L. Maier (Switzerland)

J. Nauss

J. P. Majoral (France)

V. Nanaakkara

L. Markovsky (Ukraine)

J. Niewhaner

M. Mikolajczyk (Poland)

Y. Pan

T. Mastryukova (Russia)

R. Parker

T. A. Modro (South Africa)

R. Sunberg

B. Potter (UK)

Y. Wang

M. Regitz (Germany)

J. Wos

M. Yoshifuji (Japan

L. Wu

C. Yuan (China)

J. Amburgey


A. Ebrahimpour

To receive the second circular. please mail the following to:

XIVth ICPC, P.O.Box 140859, Cincinnati, Ohio 45250-0859, USA

or e-mail to:


FIRST NAME________________________

TITLE ( ) Prof. ( ) Dr. ( ) Mr. ( ) Ms.










___Please check here if you do not want your name/address published as a potential participant of the ICPC.

Receipt of further information and registration can also be accomplished bhrough the Web Home Page at

For additional questions please contact:

Dr. F. H. Ebetino
Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals
P. O Box 8006
Mason, Ohio

Telephone (513) 622-3630
Fax (513) 622-1195


This meeting is sponsored by the Cincinnati Section of the American Chemical Society. Multiple contributing organizations are currently acknowledged on the conference Web page and Second Circular.


Nominations Sought for Technical Achievement Awards

The Organic Division of the ACS is seeking to increase the involvement of Bachelor's- and Master's-level chemists in Divisional activities. Although these individuals regularly make important contributions in the workplace, all too often they receive little or no recognition for their efforts from the scientific community. As one of the means to address this situation, the Organic Division has instituted an annual symposium at the Fall ACS meeting to recognize the achievements of non-Ph.D. chemists. We are now seeking nominations for the coming year's program.

The seventh annual Symposium on Technical Achievements in Organic Chemistry will be held at the 216th National Meeting of the ACS in Boston, Massachusetts during the week of August 23-27, 1998. The invited speakers will present their recent discoveries in basic or developmental research during 30 minute presentations. (As an awards symposium, under ACS bylaws there is no Q&A period.) Speakers are selected in a two-phase process. First, a letter of nomination is submitted to the Division on behalf of the nominee; then a subcommittee, composed of several members of the Organic Division Executive Committee, select the speakers based on several criteria: (a) evidence illustrating the creativity and independence of the nominee; (b) the nominee's publication and patent record; (c) any other information that documents the special achievements and/or contributions made by the nominee.

We encourage nominators to select candidates who are both excellent scientists and good communicators. To nominate a Bachelor's- or Master's-level chemist for this symposium, please send a letter describing the nominee's contributions and include a copy of the candidate's curriculum vitae. (Additional letters and supporting documents are most welcome, but not essential.) Nomination materials can be mailed to:

Dr. Anthony W. Czarnik
IRORI Quantum Microchemistry
11149 North Torrey Pines Road
La Jolla, CA 92037-1031

Questions may be directed to Dr. Czarnik via email at Deadline for receipt of nominations is February 28, 1998.


Jeannette M Greeb

1998 Research Associate of the Year

The Cincinnati Section is proud to announce that the Research Assistant/Chemical Technician of the Year for 1998 has been awarded to Jeannette M. Greeb, of the Department of Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry and Microbiology at the College of Medicine, University of Cincinnati. Jeannette received her BS and MS in Microbiology from UC (1964 and '67, respectively), and began working as a research assistant in the department in 1982.

Her qualifications are best summarized by a quote from Gary Shull, her immediate supervisor at UC, "On her own initiative, Jeannette has played the major role in training of all of us in proper laboratory techniques, and in maintaining the laboratory as a safe and enjoyable working environment. Because of her kind and gentle nature, and the clear recognition that she is ready and willing to help, everyone who joins the laboratory naturally gravitates toward Jeannette. She manages to carry out her own research, which has included major contributions to our understanding of ion transport pumps such as the plasma mebrane Ca2+ ATPases and Na+,K+ ATPases, and to enable relatively inexperienced graduate students and post-docs (including myself and Dr. McGill when we began our post-doctoral studies) to become rapidly immersed in their research."

Diana McGill of Northern Kentucky University, who nominated Jeannette, sums up her qualifications, "In summary, Jeannette is far and above the best research associate that I have seen anywhere.... I use her as a role model to my students who think they might like to be a research associate."


Eugene P. Gosselink

Distinguished Scientist of the Year

Congratulations to Eugene P. Gosselink of Procter and Gamble, who has been selected by the Engineers and Scientists of Greater Cincinnati as the Distinguished Scientist of the Year. The award will be given at a banquet on Thursday, February 19, 1998, at The Syndicate, 18 E. Fifth Street, Newport, KY.

There will be a social hour beginning at 6 p.m., with dinner at 7 p.m. and the awards presentation at 8 p.m. Dr. Gosselink was the 1997 recipient of our Cincinnati Chemist of the year.

At press time more details are unavailable. If you would like to attend the banquest - or have any other questions, please contact Hank Greeb @ 385-8363, or


Patent Handbook Available from ACS

The American Chemical Society's Committee on Patents and Related maters has rewritten its booklet What Every Chemist Should Know About Patents. Intended for chemists in industry small businesses, and academe, the publication was prompted by enactment of legislation in 1995 that introduced major changes in the U.S. patent laws. What Every Chemist Should Know About Patents is an introduction to the essentials of patents and patenting procedures. The handbook presents an overview of the obtainment, use, and value of patents in an easily understood form.

Copies of What Every Chemist Should Know About Patents are available for $2.00 each. Requests, including prepayment to the American Chemical Society, should be sent to:

American Chemical Society
P.O. Box 57136
West End Station
Washington, DC


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