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The section posts job opportunities for chemists from time-to-time as a courtesy to section members and local companies.


Local Employer Listings

This list is intended to be a comprehensive collection of companies and agencies that hire chemists in the Cincinnati area. Some of the listings reach as far as Dayton, Wilmington, and Northern Kentucky though they are NOT meant to be comprehensive for those areas. For many listings the web site given is the general reference for the main company. Often a large company has branches or divisions in the area, but is headquartered elsewhere.

Information in this list was obtained from various sources including company web pages and employees of the companies. The accuracy and completeness of this list cannot be guaranteed, partly because information is continuously changing and in many cases obscure particularly for smaller companies. If there are questions, errors, additions, or changes to the listings, please contact Brian Lenihan at briandlenihan@cs.com.

2018 Local Employers Directory


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