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logo February Meeting at MSJ

January 30, 2023 (Leslie Waits)

Please join us starting at 5:00 at Mount Saint Joseph University for our February Meeting. The featured speaker is Andrea M. Carrao, PhD Candidate in Pharmaceutical Sciences – Biomembranes at the James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy | University of Cincinnati. She will talk about her work at Kao involving environmental regulatory side of sunscreens.

For more information and to register, please visit the meeting page.


logo ACS SEED Program at UC

January 30, 2023 (Webmaster)

For more than twenty years the Chemistry Department at the University of Cincinnati has run an ACS SEED program. This program, organized by the ACS, gives high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity to spend one or two summers at doing research at the university. Until recently this program has been funded by the ACS SEED national program and the professors hosting the students in the lab. For the last few years, the local ACS Section has contributed to this program, which has allowed us to extend the program to host more students.

For further training, the ACS SEED students participate in educational and professional workshops and activities that were designed for the students enrolled in the National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Experience (NSF-REU) that runs concurrently with the SEED program. This allows the high school students access to workshops and discussions on topics such as laboratory safety, scientific writing, library resources, database searching, careers in chemistry, job interviewing and making an oral presentation. We modified some of the topics that we have been teaching in the “Life After Graduate School” (LAGS) course for the NSF-REU. During this program, the students were introduced to topics such as interviewing skills and career choices in industry, as well as a career opportunities panel discussion. We also constructed workshops specifically for the ACS SEED students that were focused on applying to college and how to survive and thrive in college. At the end of the summer most the ACS SEED students participate in a cumulative poster session with the REU students and other high school students working in the department for practice in preparing and presenting scientific data.

Recently, we have had four high school students in the program each summer. We recruit students from Walnut Hill Highs School, Beavercreek High School and Western Hills High School. Our ACS SEED students have been outstanding in carrying out research in collaboration with graduate students in the laboratories with many of them are co-authors on papers from their research groups. Most of them have presented posters at local, regional and national ACS meetings. The students from past years’ programs have all gone on to college, including acceptance at prestigious universities such as Stanford University, Yale, Cornell University, St Louis University, University of Cincinnati, Wellesley College, Ohio State University, Miami University, and New York University among others. It has been an honor to work with these talented students.

Lastly, the ACS SEED program has an important impact on the graduate students at the University of Cincinnati. Having young, talented students to work with daily over a summer is instrumental in helping graduate students develop their mentoring and management skills. As a testament to this, the graduate students in the local chapter of Graduate Consortium for Cultural Diversity in Chemistry (CCDC) at the University of Cincinnati have reached out to the ACS SEED students to be their informal mentors after the program ends. This organization has been wonderful in bringing diverse groups of students together, working on science outreach to local middle and high schools, and making sure that diversity thrives among the graduate students. In short, the ACS SEED program is beneficial in many ways beyond just the high school students it serves.

You can read more at the UC ACS SEED Blog.


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January 30, 2023 (Webmaster)

All news articles posted in 2022 (and previous years) can be found in the Archives. Our site Search page is another way to track down historic section info.


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