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2019 Meeting Schedule

Wednesday, December 11 Joint Meeting with NOBCChE

Friday, September 27 Oesper Symposium

Sunday, September 15 Friends and Family Picnic

Saturday, May 25 May Party Night at FC Cincinnati Game

Wednesday, Apr 24 Student and Teacher Award Night

Thursday, Mar 28 Chemist of Year Awardee at Miami University

Thursday, Feb 28 Dr Thomas Beck at Mt St Joseph University


logo March Section Meeting

Miami University, Shriver Center (Room 207)
Thursday, March 28, 2019

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Overview: The Cincinnati Section is pleased to announce Dr. Pramod Kulkarni as its 2019 Chemist of the Year. This award recognizes Dr. Kulkarni's efforts at CDC-NIOSH to develop portable aerosol instrumentation and other efforts to improve health and safety in the workplace. At the March's meeting at Miami University, Dr. Kulkarni will present "Taking laboratory to the field: Developing the next generation of real-time instrumentation for mobile aerosol measurement in workplace atmospheres"

Abstract: Millions of workers are exposed to harmful aerosols in their working environments in the United States and all over the world. Many industrial activities such as manufacturing, mining, and construction, including the emerging technologies such as nanotechnology, additive manufacturing, and biotechnology, can produce aerosols that are harmful to human health. Reliable measurement of physical characteristics and chemical composition of aerosols is important in understanding their potential health effects and implementing effective mitigation strategies. Current measurement methods involve collection of aerosols on filter media, followed by their laboratory analysis using standard analytical methods. While very reliable, these methods are time- and resource-intensive and it can take several days to weeks to obtain the measurements. This talk will introduce several related measurement challenges and outline our efforts to address them through development of direct-reading, real-time, portable instrumentation that provides rapid information on aerosols in workplace atmospheres. Specifically, the talk will focus on real-time, hand-portable instruments for measurement of particle size distribution, elemental composition, and molecular speciation. While far from being wearable sensors, these next-generation tools still represent a significant advance in our capability to conduct workplace aerosol measurement.

Meeting Program
5:30 - 6:30pm Registration and Social Hour (Shriver Center, rm 207)

6:30 - 7:30pm Dinner (Shriver Center, rm 207)
$45 Regular Members / Non-member Guests
$35 Retired Members
$15 Students / K-12 Teachers / Unemployed Members

Menu: Buffet

7:30 - 8:30pm Speaker: Dr. Pramod Kulkarni

Talk: "Taking laboratory to the field: Developing the next generation of real-time instrumentation for mobile aerosol measurement in workplace atmospheres"

Online registration required: Please use the "Register Now!" link above. The deadline for registration is Friday, March 22, 2019.

Directions: The meeting will be held in Room 207 of Miami University's Shriver Center located at 701 E Spring Street, Oxford, OH 45056. A campus map and parking map are also available for reference.


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