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2020 Meeting Schedule

Wednesday, Dec 16 Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Wednesday, Mar 11 Chemist and Research of the Year Awards

Tuesday, Feb 18 Topics in Sustainability, Mt St Joseph University


logo December Section Meeting

Remote via Zoom starting at 6:30PM
Wednesday, December 16, 2020

For connection details, please contact the section chair, John Glaser to be added to the Zoom invite.

Join the Cincinnati Local Section on Wednesday, Dec 16, at 6:30PM for a final virtual meeting of the year. The meeting will feature a talk by Dr. John Snawder from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The title of Dr Snawder's talk will be "Strengthening Occupational Exposure Assessment Through the Integration of Real-time Instruments, Environmental Sampling and Biomonitoring".

Abstract: Chemical detection and exposure assessment are cornerstones of occupational safety and health. Workplace monitoring and exposure assessments often require complex sampling and analysis to ensure workers are not exposed to hazardous levels of workplace chemicals. Often there is a significant lag between the exposure and reporting of results. Exposures can be intermittent, and momentary exposures may exceed a level of safety; however, the time-weighted-average may be within current exposure limits. Unrecognized acute exposures may lead to worker illness or injury that could be prevented. Direct reading methods give continuous real-time or near-real-time measures of exposure, which allows immediate feedback. This presentation will describe the application of a diverse array of exposure assessment techniques including inexpensive direct reading methods, traditional exposure monitoring along with biomonitoring to assist in the assessment of potential chemical exposures in the workplace. These methods may result in more realistic occupational exposure assessments that not only report time weighted average exposures but information clarifying source, route, the nature and biological relevance of exposures. Additionally, these integrated measurement approaches allow for rapid intervention and assessment of efficacy of controls and other protective measures.

Biography: Dr. Snawder received his Ph.D. degree from Mississippi State University in 1990 and did post-doctoral work at the National Center for Toxicological Research. From 1992-present he has worked at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) as a research toxicologist. Dr. Snawder is the Leader of the Biomonitoring Research Team and Co-Director of the NIOSH Center for Direct Reading and Sensor Technologies. His research has focused on the role of metabolism of workplace chemicals and the use of biological monitoring to measure exposure and effect, conducting worker exposure assessments across many workplaces and the development, evaluation and use of direct reading instruments and methods to improve worker safety and health.


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