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2021 Meeting Schedule

Friday, October 22 Oesper Award Banquet

Sunday, September 19 Annual Friends and Family Picnic

Wednesday, May 19 Virtual Beer Tasting via Zoom

Multiple May/June Dates Neusole Glassworks Hands-on Demonstrations

Thursday, Apr 15 Teachers and Students Award Night via Zoom

Wednesday, Mar 24 “Catalysis with Earth-abundant Metals: From CO2 Utilization to Fatty Acid Alcohol Synthesis" via Zoom

Thursday, Feb 25 “From Sand to Solar Cells" via Zoom


logo February Section Meeting

Remote via Zoom starting at 6:45PM
Thursday, February 25, 2021

For connection info please check the February edition of CINTACS.

Join us Thursday, February 25, as Mary Virginia Orna, Professor Emerita of Chemistry, College of New Rochelle, presents "From Sand to Solar Cells: How Glass Changed the World"

Glass is one of the most universally used and most ancient substances known. We take glass for granted, forgetting that to ancient peoples, it was a rare luxury. Although it seems like a simple substance, its chemistry and technology are complex: there is still a bit of Black Magic in its production and makeup. This talk will highlight its history, its chemistry, its technology, and its development as an indispensable substance from antiquity to modern times. — Mary Virginia Orna

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