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2022 Meeting Schedule

Thursday, February 24 "Dissolution Recycling of Polyolefins Using Alkane Solvents" at Mount St Joseph University

Rescheduled Date TBD "A Tale of Two Entities: From Academia to Industry"


logo March Section Meeting
Remote via Zoom
Wednesday, March 24, 2021

6:45 - 7:00 PM Social interactions and introduction to Zoom for new users
7:20 - 7:20 PM Business and Presentation of Awards
7:20 - 8:20 PM Featured Speaker, Dr. Hairong Guan
“Catalysis with Earth-abundant Metals: From CO2 Utilization to Fatty Acid Alcohol Synthesis”

Abstract: One of the rapidly growing areas of research involves the development of earth-abundant, metal-based catalysts for chemical transformations. The need for such efforts is driven by the fact that precious metals, which are widely used today for synthesizing commodity and specialty chemicals, are expensive, limited in supply, and sometimes difficult to remove from organic products. This talk will focus on our fundamental studies of hydride complexes based on earth-abundant metals such as nickel, iron, and copper. The mechanistic insights have guided us to design catalysts for various reduction processes including the conversion of CO2 to value-added products and the hydrogenation of fatty acid methyl esters to fatty alcohols. Some of these projects involve collaborations with P&G for sustainable synthesis of detergent and plastics precursors and for a better understanding of the hair-coloring process.

Registration: Registration information is available in this month's edition of CINTACS.


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